Social Work

There are many free, online classes for students who want to learn about social work. These classes do not typically award students credit and are meant to provide students access to higher education.
The social work classes below are much like the standard classes offered at universities and allow students access to real course materials, such as assignments, essays, readings, videos and lectures. Since the classes do not award credit, students are not required to submit assignments or complete exams. All of the classes can be completed at the student's own pace, giving students the freedom to study how they want to study.

Social workers are committed professionals who work in partnership with individuals, families and groups experiencing marginalization, disadvantage or social difficulties. This course will give you a thorough knowledge and understanding of what social work is, the skills needed to be a social worker, and what social workers do.

There are also video and audio based case studies which will help you further enhance your understanding during this social work online course.
ALISON's free Diploma in Social Work Studies online course is ideal for professionals who are already in a health-related or care-giving occupation and who want to learn more about social work, and for learners who are interested in social work as a career.
The Open University

  •     Introducing Social Work Practice
  •     Interview with a Social Worker
  •     Social Work Learning Practice
  •     Who Makes Them?
  •     Remaking the Relations of Work and Welfare
  •     The Social in Social Sciences
  •     Becoming a Critical Social Work Practitioner
The Open University offers a variety of Open Course Ware courses related to social work, as well as online study clubs that give students a chance to form groups and virtually study and converse with fellow classmates. Its introductory social work course, known as Social Work Learning Practice, is largely an audio unit. As a whole, the class teaches students how to understand others, connect with people of different backgrounds and understand social work. The Open University also offers the Interview With a Social Worker course for students who want to learn about what it takes to be in social work and an Introducing Social Work Practice course, which covers what social workers do and how to become one.

This school also offers more intermediate and advanced courses relating to this field, for instance The Social in Social Science is an advanced course that combines the concepts of social sciences with social work. Online students can learn about social processes and governance and how to deal with daily problems.
Remaking the Relations of Work and Welfare is also an advanced class that covers students about the 'welfare-to-work' model and how these types of social work theories apply to people's daily lives. In a similar class, known as Who Makes Them?, students explore the issues in modern society, whether it's poverty, drug use or homelessness.

As an advanced level class, Becoming a Critical Social Work Practitioner covers how to become a critical thinker, so that students learn about addressing social welfare problems in society.

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