Mother's love is a blessing of God Mothers Love Story - Truly no one in the world like mother

There was a loud scream in the house from this morning itself. Don't know what was the uproar in the house today? Ramesh's wife was screaming loudly. So loud that people from nearby houses also came out of their homes.
Behind the door, an old woman was shedding tears. There was not a word coming out of the mouth, but eyes were crying after hearing the taunts of the daughter-in-law. Here Ramesh was repeatedly explaining to his wife that mother could not do this.

Actually, the precious ring of Bahurani was lost somewhere on the table. The wife was screaming loudly that this old lady was sitting there, she has stolen my ring, the poor mother was looking at her son looking helplessly. Perhaps this is what Bahurani said, leaving no stone unturned to bring respect to society.
The extent was reached when the wife angrily grabbed the mother's hand and pulled it inside the door. Ramesh's temper also responded and he hit a loud slap on the wife's cheek. Married just 2 months ago, the wife could not bear the slap. She angrily shouted at the husband - You trust your mother more than me, why?

Now tears started coming from Ramesh's eyes and said - When I was very young, my father had died at the same time, then my mother brought me up by cleaning dishes and sweeping in the houses of others.
I remember that the mother could barely arrange a single meal. And she also served that food in my plate and covered herself with an empty box and lied to me that you eat, my bread is in this box.

While that box was always empty, but I also knew that after saving half the bread, I used to say to my mother that my stomach is full and used to feed half the bread to the mother.
Today I have become able to earn 2 bread, forget that sacrifice of my mother. How can I forget that Mother did not know for me how much she strangled her desires. You have been with me for only 2 months now, but I have seen my mother doing penance continuously for the last 25 years. Will my mother be tempted to ring at this stage of age today? If I doubt my mother, God will not give me a place in hell either.

Friends, parents are the form of God. Damn to such people who cannot even support their parents' old age. Hey, do not the parents sacrifice something for their children, they raise their children for the entire life of the palm and what do they ask for in return? 2 time food and love of your children at old age. Don't our parents have this much right on us?

This is a story to tell friends, but the truth is no different from this story, this is happening in our society nowadays. Serve your parents give them love

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